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Writing a novel isn’t easy. The plot, as it stands now, looks nothing like the first idea. In the last big edit, I ripped out the middle, and replaced it, smashed up the end, and radically changed the beginning.

Until quite recently the whole novel was written in third person and it just wasn’t working. Close to the end of the writing process, I shifted it into first person, telling the whole story from Frank’s point of view. Suddenly, it started to work. Here it is in third person:

When Frank woke up, a lot of people were staring at him. This was worrying.

His face was pink and sweaty where it had been squished into the desk. His bushy, dust-coloured hair was flattened on one side. He lifted his head. On the other side of the custard-yellow classroom, something large and flowery eclipsed the white board.

Other difficult choices were with the timeline. All I can say is it is a lot easier to write in the present day, in the order that things happen than shuffle the events and deal with them in random order.


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